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"Stopping the tax hike is 'the most important thing' Congress can do to help the economy"


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"At the beginning of next year, New Jersey's families and small businesses will be hit with a massive tax hike that will damage job creation and further hamstring our struggling economy. That is, if Congress fails to act to prevent this increase.

"Small businesses across our state have made it clear: they want government to get "off their backs' on out of their way. But, they also say uncertainty surrounding the looming tax hike is making it impossible for them to invest in their businesses and create jobs. Yet, despite the urgent need to put an end to the uncertainty hampering small businesses, Speaker Pelosi apparently has "no immediate plans' to stop tax hikes on all Americans.

"I wish she understood what I know: New Jersey's families are struggling everyday to make ends meet. They are anxious about the future of their jobs, their bank accounts and their investments. They worry that taxes will sap their ability to send their children to college.

"But instead of taking substantive action to reassure small businesses and the families that rely on them for employment, Speaker Pelosi is working to "clear the decks' in Washington so that her members can go home in advance of the November elections.

"Having witnessed the loss of over 283,000 jobs since June, you would think Congress would stay in Washington. In addition to stopping the tax hike, we should be voting to pass a budget that cuts non-security government spending to 2008 levels -- before all of the bailouts, government takeovers, and "stimulus' spending sprees began. Americans and economists agree -- stopping the tax hike is "the most important thing Congress can do to help the economy.'"

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