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House Democrats on GOP Efforts to Repeal Patients' Rights and Put Insurance Companies in Charge

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Representatives Chris Van Hollen, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Henry Cuellar, Robert Andrews, Jan Schakowsky, and Peter Welch held a stakeout today in the Capitol to discuss the impact of repealing the health law on America's families and our national debt. They also discussed how in less than 24 hours Republicans broke their commitment to have an open process.

Congressman Chris Van Hollen

"For the past many months, Republican Members of Congress and Republican candidates have been all over the country pledging to bring down the deficit so that we can put our country on a sustainable long-term fiscal course. Within the first 24 hours, as my colleagues have said, they are violating that pledge..."

"…Many of these provisions have taken effect since the passage of health care reform. Why aren't they interested in hearing about the people who are benefitting from that? The stories you have heard from the constituents that we all have that are calling in and saying, "This is going to hurt myself and my family if you repeal this.'"

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

"We have got to protect people that need help with their health care, and I will give you just one example. There is a woman, young woman in my district named Chastity who is 19 years old who suffers from lupus. And Chastity is covered on her parents' insurance right now. As a result of health care reform's passage, she is now going to be able to remain on her parents' insurance until she is 26 years old. Potentially, with the repeal of heath care reform, she would lose that coverage, and her family would face an end to the prohibition on insurance companies creating lifetime and annual caps, potentially bankrupting her family. That is the kind of thing that we can expect if the Republicans are allowed to be successful…"

Congressman Rob Andrews

"…Not one word in one bill on one vote have they done anything about the issue of jobs. They are abandoning that very important responsibility..."

"…Perhaps the central promise of the Republican campaign was to get the deficit and debt under control. They are breaking their first promise in their first week..."

Congressman Henry Cuellar

"…More importantly, in my area, in South Texas, and I have the 10th most uninsured district of all the Members of Congress, who is going to talk about Gerardo Treviňo who came into my office angry and scared. He is 58 years of age. He has always worked…He got cancer. Nobody wanted to cover him because he had a pre-existing condition…"

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

"…We have seen the insurance companies get rich. So the Republicans in wanting to repeal this health care bill, our Affordable Care Act, have decided that they are going to go with the insurance companies, their right for exorbitant profits, exorbitant CEO salaries, and exorbitant premium increases over the needs and the interests of our constituents and their constituents as well..."

Congressman Peter Welch

"…Number one: They [Republicans] have just blown $230 billion hole in the deficit. Not bad for a day's work. Two: They have thrown out the window to an open process by saying we can't amend this bill. And then three: They have taken a sledgehammer to middle class health care security by taking away from them, and it's people in their districts as well as mine, things that are important to those families and to those seniors. This will be a day that lives in Republican leadership infamy."

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