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Wicker Criticizes Plan to Overturn Senate Rules


Location: Washington, DC

Mississippi Senator urges repeal of Obamacare as new Congress starts.

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) today urged members of Congress to repeal the partisan health care bill and block an attempt to give more power to the Democrat majority in the Senate.

"On the first day of this new Congress, Senate Democrats are already trying to circumvent the rules in an attempt to give more control to Majority Leader Reid and President Obama. The American people's message was loud and clear, but Democrats who lost power in the election now want to change the rules and limit the filibuster. By allowing full debate and consideration of amendments, the filibuster prevents a power grab by the majority, compels consensus building, and is an important tool to protect the minority. Democrats' ill-conceived changes could force more partisan legislation though the Senate.

"The American people want Congress to move in a different direction, not more of the same heavy-handed approach. Instead, we should be working to create economic opportunities and jobs and that begins with repealing this massive government-takeover of our health care system. Obamacare will burden large and small business alike with higher health costs and more regulations. While Democrats still control the White House and the Senate, Washington needs to listen to voters and respond with commonsense."

Newly-elected members of Congress were sworn-in earlier in the day to begin the 112th Congress. Democrats control the Senate 53-47.

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