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Akin Votes to Prevent Massive Tax Increase on Small Businesses and Families


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Todd Akin (R-Mo.), today voted to extend the Bush tax cuts and avoid a multi-trillion dollar tax increase on all Americans.

Akin released the following statement:

"My vote today is not a seal of approval that this bill will fix the economy. This bill will merely prevent the evil of a massive tax increase."

"The Democrats have through a series of poor policy decisions created economic conditions that are destructive to small businesses and job creation. These include: excessive taxes, unnecessary red tape, market uncertainty, restricted access to liquidity and massive federal spending. Passage of this bill will not fix the problems but will only create additional uncertainty by postponing important decisions on tax policy."

"Until we implement policy changes favorable to employers, our economy will continue to struggle and unemployment will remain high."

"Despite these concerns, I am convinced that Congress has an immediate and pressing obligation to prevent a multi-trillion dollar tax increase that would further kill jobs, threaten another grave economic downturn and place huge tax burdens on all Americans."

"The bill does not improve our current economic situation but does postpone the evil of a massive tax hike during a recession."

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