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Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2010

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. KINGSTON. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

I agree, we have a genuine problem with kids today who were brought here by their parents as young children illegally. In fact, in my area, some of these kids were 3 and 4 years old and they are far more Americans and Georgians culturally than they are whatever native country their parents came from. So there is problem here. But I have got to say, this is not the solution. This is politics. In fact, under the name of this phony, compassionate bill, what we are doing is a disservice to these children.

This is a lame duck session. The Democrats have been in charge of the House and the Senate and the White House now for nearly 2 years. Their brand of politics was squarely denounced and rejected 5 weeks ago, and this is one of those things. This is a Harry Reid deal. He promised to do it, so now he's doing it.

If you really were concerned and there was real compassion, you know you would not be doing it this hour sandwiched in between a major spending bill--when there was no budget, by the way--and a major tax extension in which the Democrats, themselves, have a lot of split decisions about.

But let's say look at this from a practical standpoint. How do you prove who was here when they were 16 up to 30? How do you prove that? Well, the bill actually says you only have to prove it to the satisfaction of the Secretary of Homeland Security. Well, that's a reassuring thought. The Secretary, appointed by President Obama would certainly never make a political decision. No, justice is blind. Just go down the street to the DOJ and see their cases.

Let's be serious about this. You are talking about children, and yet the Secretary of Homeland Security is going to decide if you were here before you were 16, and then what's going to happen to parents of other kids? Why would they not start bringing their children in and saying, Oh, yeah, we have been here.

Who keeps up with the records of illegal aliens? No one does by design. We all know that.

This is a serious problem. I started out my statement saying I agree there is a problem. This is politics, though. This is not a solution.

Two million people will probably become citizens under this. I don't think this is the right way to handle it.

I would like to work with you guys on this. I would like to work with the Republican Members. We all want to because we know there is a situation out there. But this is politics in the 11th hour in a lame duck Congress, and it should be rejected by that alone.


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