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Kingston Applauds Ruling Against Health Care Law

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

A federal judge's ruling against the controversial health care law enacted earlier this year drew praise from Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) who cited the ruling as new evidence that Congress should repeal and replace the law.

U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson found that the mandate for individuals to purchase health insurance "exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power." Rather than invalidating the entire law, Judge Hudson's ruling struck down only the provisions dealing with the mandate.

"For months the American people have spoken out against this law and today the courts have spoken," said Kingston. "This ruling validates the concerns many of us raised about this legislation during debate. From day one of the new Congress, I stand ready to work to repeal and replace this misguided law with reforms that bring down the cost of care without expanding government."

Kingston says such reforms would include medical liability reform, tax reforms to level the playing field between huge corporations and those purchasing insurance on the individual market and allowing the purchase of insurance policies across state lines. Through these and other reforms, he contends, the nation's health care system can be vastly improved.

The ruling by Judge Hudson is almost certain to make its way to the Supreme Court. In October, a federal judge in Florida ruled that a similar case brought forth by 20 states, including Georgia, and the National Federation of Independent Business could move forward.

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