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Preserving Foreign Criminal Assets for Forfeiture Act of 2010

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. CHU. Madam Speaker, last year, Bobby Salcedo, a beloved elected official in my district, was brutally murdered by the Mexican drug cartels while visiting family in Durango, Mexico. While I am saddened by Bobby's loss, his death has led me to fight the dangerous drug cartels that thrive along our border. That is why I introduced the Preserving Foreign Criminal Assets Forfeiture Act, a bill that will make it easier for Federal police to seize the illicit assets of international criminal organizations.

Foreign criminals are able to protect hundreds of millions of dollars in dirty money by moving their proceeds abroad before U.S. police can seize them, enabling them to continue their illegal activities. With this bill, we will have another tool to fight the drug cartels by cutting off their lifeblood and allowing Federal law enforcement officials to seize these illicit assets.

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