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Guthrie appointed to Energy and Commerce Committee for 112th

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Brett Guthrie (KY-02) was appointed to serve on the Energy and Commerce Committee (E&C) for the 112th Congress.

E&C is the oldest standing legislative committee in the House with broad jurisdiction over our nation's energy, healthcare, telecommunications and consumer product safety policies.

"I am excited to begin work on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Being on E&C will be challenging and require tough decisions to be made, but I look forward to meeting these head on," Congressman Guthrie said.

As part of E&C, Congressman Guthrie will have the opportunity to be intimately involved in trying to repeal the health care reform bill.

"We need to replace the health care reform bill with policies that address the number one issue -- lowering the cost of health care for American families," Congressman Guthrie said. "I also want to ensure that taxpayer dollars no longer go to fund abortions and will support proposals that allow individuals to purchase health care across state lines, enact meaningful medical malpractice reform, and prohibit discrimination against patients with pre-existing conditions."

Congressman Guthrie will also be a part of leading our nation toward energy independence.

"Energy independence is a key tenet in maintaining and expanding jobs in Kentucky," Congressman Guthrie said. "Energy policy should be comprehensive and include the use of one of Kentucky's most abundant resources - coal."

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