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Udall Pushes Homeland Security Department to Make Transportation Technology Center a Priority

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Invites Secretary Napolitano to Visit TTC in Pueblo

Yesterday, Mark Udall called on Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to give consideration to the Transportation Technology Center (TTC) in Pueblo as she makes important decisions to carry out the Department of Homelands Security's (DHS) mission. Udall highlighted the critical role TTC plays in ensuring surface transportation security for America's public and commerce, and he invited Secretary Napolitano to visit the facility at her earliest convenience.

The TTC is a federally owned facility that is operated through the Association of American Railroads. It conducts research and testing on track, locomotives, railcars and other railroad equipment that shapes various trends within the industry, including its safety standards and economic goals. Udall toured the facility during August, when he called the important advances undertaken by workers there a "best-kept secret."

Udall believes the TTC is of particular importance to our nation's security because of the specialized emergency response and security training it provides to private and public organizations. As our country devises new tactics to keep its citizens safe from threats outside and inside our borders, Udall fully realizes the impact that adequate funding can have on the ability of facilities such as TTC to deliver high-quality training and technological breakthroughs that save lives and protect the commerce that drives our economy.

"Ensuring the security of our surface transportation system equates to protecting millions of Americans who commute to work by train or live near a rail line, as well as protecting billions of dollars in commerce. In fact, it is estimated that $65 billion in freight revenue transported by rail alone depends on a secure rail system," Udall wrote to Secretary Napolitano. "As you know, the Department of Homeland Security has had a growing presence at the TTC in its work to ensure that first responders and safety officials from across the country have access to the best technology and methodology to prevent, detect and respond to threats to our surface transportation system."

Udall has long supported Colorado businesses and workers whose efforts invigorate our state and nation's economy.

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