Issue Position: Jobs for Oregonians

Issue Position

By:  Greg Walden
Date: Jan. 1, 2010
Location: Unknown

As a small business owner with his wife for more than 21 years, Greg Walden knows what it takes to sign the front side of a paycheck and create new economic opportunities.

He alsoHe also knows that we cannot grow the economy by growing government. The best way to revive the economy and create jobs is to reduce government spending and incentivize businesses to create jobs.

Greg Walden: "We need to stop burdening our children and grandchildren with Washington's reckless borrowing and overspending."


Greg Walden opposed the stimulus and supported a plan to reduce the tax burden on small businesses, which create nearly 80 percent of the new jobs in the United States.

Greg Walden opposed the government takeover of healthcare, which will raise taxes by over $500 billion and place new burdens on small businesses, all without bringing down the spiraling costs of health care. According to the White House's own formulas, the plan would eliminate up to 5 million American jobs.

The job-creation legislation that Greg Walden supports would create twice the jobs at half the price as the $862 billion stimulus.

When the bill was signed into law, the White House promised that the stimulus would produce 41,000 new jobs in Oregon by June 2010. Unfortunately, even with the stimulus, the state actually lost 49,000 jobs during that same time frame.

Many Oregonians are fearful and angry about runaway government spending and its implications for future generations. More spending isn't the solution. We need real solutions that will create jobs and lift our economy.

By balancing the budget, reining in federal regulations and bringing more transparency to Congress, we could begin to get out economy back on track. Greg Walden will continue to oppose unnecessary regulation, support lower taxes on Oregon families and businesses, and work to stop wasteful spending and control our debt.

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