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Seniors Protection Act of 2010

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PASCRELL. Mr. Speaker, the issue we come here to address today is not a Democratic or a Republican problem, but one facing each and every one of our nation's seniors in the Social Security program. Despite any political rhetoric, the lack of a Cost-of-Living Adjustment this year was not a result of Congressional action, but a result of a formula in place since the 1970s. I have long supported a change to this formula to take into account the rising costs for seniors, but in the interim, I am here as a cosponsor of this important legislation.

Right now, in my district, seniors are struggling with their gas and electric bills. This 250 dollar payment could help seniors not only with these rising costs, but also with their food, rent, medications, and more. So many of our seniors rely heavily on their Social Security checks and as costs continue to rise each year, their Social Security checks are not going as far as they used to. Today, in offering this small adjustment, we can give our seniors that extra cushion they need to meet the unexpected costs of 2011. In this time of great uncertainty and economic hardship, how can we possibly deny our seniors the extra support they need?

I rise today and ask that my colleagues support this measure for our seniors, who have given so much to our country and who deserve this much-needed relief.


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