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From Dream Act to Tax Nightmare

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Todd Akin (R-Mo.), today spoke out against the vote by the Democrat Caucus to reject the compromise reached by President Obama and House Republican leadership to extend the Bush tax cuts and avoid a historic increase in taxes on the American public.

Akin released the following statement:

"Speaker Pelosi clearly demonstrated her priorities yesterday when the Democratic Caucus refused to even vote on a compromise package agreed to by President Obama and Republican leadership. They appear willing to risk a double dip recession rather than reconsider their ideological commitment to a $3.9 trillion tax increase on job creators."

"It is very troubling that rather than voting to avoid the economic nightmare a multi-trillion dollar tax increase would trigger, they chose to pass the controversial Dream Act."

"By ignoring the recent call for less government spending and taxation, this Democrat led Congress is more that willing to invite disaster by catering to the agenda of its far-left base. Last night, Speaker Pelosi and her caucus went from wasting time on the ill-fated Dream Act to pursuing a tax increase nightmare all because of an unwillingness to face the new political reality delivered to them in November by the American people."

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