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Brown Sounds Off on Tax Proposal

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(CNN)--Democratic Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown had choice words about the tax deal struck between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans announced Monday night. He appeared on CNN's "John King, USA" following the president's press conference, which gave an overview of the deal.

Brown told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, "In essence it borrows 700 billion dollars from China, charges it, puts it on our children and grandchildren's credit cards and gives it to the wealthiest two percent tax payers."

The senator expressed frustration over the details of the deal, which extends tax cuts for two years, saying "People say Washington doesn't listen enough. It's clear what the public was saying is 'Keep the tax cut going for the middle class.'"

And asked whether he thought Obama "caved," Brown responded "He came to an agreement that I don't agree with. I think he could have gotten a better agreement."

Brown also took aim at congressional leaders, declaring that "It's just hypocrisy from a whole lot of people in this institution that sing with that upper class accent."

Brown's seat is up for re-election in 2012. Saying, "I join most of America, I think, that this is not the right way to go," he continued, "I think the standup and fight attitude is running pretty rampant in the country and in our caucus."

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