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Whip Cantor on the Debt Commission


Location: Washington, DC

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement after President Obama's Debt Commission issued a deficit reduction plan:

"The severity of our nation's fiscal crisis is plainly evident and I commend the Commission for providing examples of the kinds of tough decisions that lie ahead. There have been other efforts that have been outlined to address entitlements and our debt. In fact, when Rep. Paul Ryan offered his Fiscal Roadmap, I supported his effort to begin a conversation -- despite the deluge of false attacks and scare tactics deployed by Members of Congress, the Administration, and their liberal allies. I hope that in light of the Commission's plan, those type of attacks will become a thing of the past. To that end, I believe that the new Republican Majority must immediately start a conversation with the nation about the kind of entitlement changes that are necessary for us to keep the promises made to seniors while meeting the obligations made to young workers and our children.

"Though we may not see eye-to-eye on the specifics, Republicans and Democrats can surely agree that getting our long-term deficit under control will require major entitlement reform. The more ideas that are brought to the table, the better, and we must not allow the urgency of the news cycle to force the demonization of ideas in their infancy. I believe that these type of efforts will set the stage for concrete action.

"It's worth pointing out that entitlement reform is only possible if people believe that their government can be trusted with their hard earned dollars, and they will have little reason to do that if Congress continues on the same path. That is why the new Republican majority must make incremental but significant steps to earn back the public trust on fiscal matters -- and that starts with common-sense spending cuts."

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