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Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CANTOR. I thank the gentleman from Texas.

Mr. Speaker, on Tuesday, Republicans had a productive meeting at the White House that we hoped promised a fresh start after a historic election. There was recognition on both sides that it was time to put aside the political gamesmanship and the partisan rhetoric and begin working for the public to produce results.

Clearly, Mr. Speaker, that message has not been sent to some in the majority today. Today, we have a bill on the floor that would raise taxes on many small business people and working families.

We know the facts. Although some could say otherwise, 50 percent of the people who are impacted by this tax hike get at least 25 percent of their income from pass-through entities. These are the small businesses that we are relying on to create jobs in this economy. But sadly, it appears that the outgoing majority is more interested in staging meaningless votes that amount to political chicanery than it is in pursuing policies that get the economy back on track and Americans back to work.

Simply put, Mr. Speaker, this bill is a job killer that runs completely contrary to the discussions that we had with President Obama at the White House a few days ago. A bipartisan majority in the House supports a clean bill to ensure that no American faces a tax increase in this difficult economic environment.

Mr. Speaker, we call on Speaker Pelosi to stop the gimmicks and allow all Members of the House--Republicans and Democrats--to vote on legislation that would prevent tax increases for all.


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