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President Obama Announces First Steps Toward Implementation of New U.S. Export Control System

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, President Obama held a meeting of the President's Export Council at the White House where he discussed progress made on our goal to double exports over the next five years and support millions of new American jobs.

At the meeting, the President announced that the Administration released a series of regulations and requests for comment as part of the implementation of the new U.S. export control system announced by the President in August. The Administration is also deploying today its Export Control Reform Initiative webpage at It includes a new tool to facilitate compliance with U.S. export control requirements by bringing together, for the first time, the various screening lists maintained by multiple Departments.

Today's announcement includes:

* The publication of a draft rule setting out the criteria and procedures to be used in determining whether a product is subject to export controls.
* The application of these criteria to one category of items (Category VII: Tanks and Military Vehicles), to be seen as an example of how the new policies would apply.
* The publication of a draft rule specifying what licensing policies will apply to products subject to export controls.

In publishing these documents, the Administration is seeking public comment before the rules are finalized and the control lists are completed.

The export control reform initiative was announced in August 2009, when the President directed a broad-based interagency review of our current export control system to ensure that the system, designed for a bipolar world of the Cold War era, is updated to address the threats we face today and the changing economic and technological landscape. At the end of the review, in August 2010, the President announced, "we need fundamental reform in all four areas of our current system -- in what we control, how we control it, how we enforce those controls, and how we manage our controls."

The President announced today's releases in his meeting with the President's Export Council (PEC). At its September 2010 meeting, the PEC made several recommendations to the President, including formalizing the involvement of industry in the reform effort and devoting more resources to help small businesses comply with the export control laws. Today's releases are responsive to their recommendations.

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