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Issue Position: Energy and Gas Prices

Issue Position

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As the summer months quickly approach and families start to plan vacations, our country continues to struggle with high energy costs. That is why the Democrats' cap-and-trade, or better known as cap-and-tax, energy plan is an irresponsible proposal that will do more harm than good. The simple truth behind the Democrats' energy plan is that it raises taxes, kills jobs, and will lead to more government intrusion in our lives. Based on the allowance allocation formula in the Democrat cap-and-tax bill for electricity consumers, the 40 red states seen on this map will not have enough allowances to cover their emissions from electricity generation. The shortfall in allowances to the red states will lead to higher electricity costs for consumers, the total of which will roughly correlate with the dollar losses.

The Democrats' energy plan is really a $624 billion national energy tax that will hit nearly every American family. This new national energy tax will be paid by anyone who turns on a light switch or plugs in an appliance. The impact of this national energy tax will not only be seen in home utility bills or at the pump, but various estimates suggest that anywhere from 1.8 million to 7 million Americans could lose their jobs as well.

Republicans are for clean air, clean water and are committed to solving our energy crisis. Republicans believe there is a better way to achieve energy independence without destroying our economy and killing jobs.

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