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Issue Position: Energy and Global Climate Change

Issue Position

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I strongly support developing legislation that seizes the opportunity to fuel the development of renewable energy and the new green energy economy while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gases.

Americans need and deserve an energy policy that prioritizes clean, low-cost, domestic sources of energy. The American people are rightly depending on Congress to provide commonsense ideas that help drive the new green energy economy and holds polluters accountable. We can accomplish this through a market-based approach to capping carbon emissions that provides businesses the flexibility and time needed to adopt cleaner energy sources and production techniques.

Unfortunately, legislation aimed at reducing pollution while creating jobs and jump-starting our great big American engine of innovation remains mired in partisan politics. If Congress fails to act, we will have missed the opportunity to confront carbon pollution and lead the renewable energy economy.

As we look ahead, there are a great number of difficult decisions to make about opening new offshore areas for gas and oil development, and a need for investing in advanced biofuels, clean coal technologies and safe, clean nuclear power generations plants.

Should Congress fail to achieve agreement on carbon reduction, we must, at a minimum, ensure the resources are available to move the domestic renewable energy industry, work force and technology forward.

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