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Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

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Families in Upstate New York know that to responsibly manage a budget, you have to spend within your means. For too long, Washington has forgotten this simple idea by allowing record deficits to become a way of life. As our debt burden grows, America becomes more and more beholden to foreign nations like China and Japan, while becoming less able to meet our obligations to seniors, veterans, our Armed Forces and everything that keeps America strong.

I believe we are best served by a thoughtful approach that recognizes the long-term nature of our debts while working quickly to find innovative solutions to the problem. As your Representative, I have voted twice against raising our national debt limit while working with my colleagues to enact critical pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) legislation so that government, like the small businesses and families across our state, pays for what it spends. In addition, I introduced legislation, the "War on Debt Act", to create savings bonds that allow our citizens to buy back a portion of America's foreign held debt so we can eliminate payments to overseas countries and instead reinvest that money in the savings and retirement plans of average Americans.

As a father of three and a grandfather of four, I want to make sure we leave our fiscal house in order for future generations, and I will continue to oppose legislation that I believe authorizes unnecessary spending.

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