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Murphy Says America's Taxed Enough Already

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Upon passage of the "Middle Class Tax Relief Act" today, Congressman Tim Murphy (PA-18) released the following statement:

"While outgoing Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat Majority have tried to convince the American public that this debate is about lowering taxes, the facts are clear: 17 percent of Americans are looking for jobs and the current leadership in Congress does not understand how jobs are created. We need to be helping job-makers, not tax-takers.

Employers are simply saying: "We can't hire more employees." Why? Not only will they see their taxes go up under this bill, but they are about to be walloped with half-a-trillion dollars in taxes and higher costs under the new healthcare law.

Make no mistake: Congress just voted to raise taxes on the small businesses employing a quarter of the American workforce. Economists on both sides of the aisle agree that raising taxes in a "jobless recovery' stymies any hint of growth. We've lost 2.6 million jobs in the last two years. Raising taxes on small businesses in this economy defies logic.

And now, we're having to pay the piper for the massive spending of the last two years. If this is really about reducing the deficit, then we should cut spending. If this is about growing jobs then we should not be raising taxes on employers."

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