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Providing For Consideration Of S. 3307, Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act Of 2010

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


I thank the gentleman for yielding.

The American people are truly frustrated, and we saw that in the November election. They are demanding that Congress start to do what they were brought here for, and that is to get our fiscal house in order.

Mr. Speaker, I introduced the STOP the Overprinting Act earlier this year as a commonsense way to cut spending in Washington, and I appreciate your support in selecting it as this week's YouCut winner.

When a Member of Congress today introduces or cosponsors a bill, we receive five printed copies of the legislation, regardless of the length. The best example I can show is the 2,000-plus page health care bill that stands here. So, in essence, you would be getting 10,000 copies of paper in your office when, in fact, each office has it readily accessible online--a waste of money. This bill was introduced months ago, and we finally now have an opportunity to do something about this needless spending that's going on.

When the bill was introduced, just on this bill alone, the Government Printing Office had to print nearly a half million pieces of paper. Again, that's just on one single piece of legislation. In this last Congress, we've had more than 14,000 bills that were introduced--a lot of unnecessary cost and waste when the American people keep scratching their head as to what's going on in Washington. We have a very simple way to save money. This week's YouCut vote will save $35 million over the next 10 years.

The unfortunate thing about Washington is that unless that amount has either a ``B'' or a ``T'' after it, bureaucrats are ignoring it. That has got to stop, and that's why we saw such a huge change in the November election.

Simply put, we've got the information online. Let's start doing what the private sector has been doing for years--going paperless. This is a very simple way to do it. We've got to start managing a budget and doing what the private sector is doing and looking for every way that we can start saving a dollar. Starting now, we truly can change that attitude in Washington and start cutting wasteful spending by supporting this YouCut bill.

Over the past several months, House Republicans have been stressing this for some time, and we have proposed over $155 billion in savings for taxpayers through this YouCut initiative. Despite the more than 2.5 million votes cast, Republicans--and those of you who have cast your votes through YouCut--have been met with a lost resistance on the other side. Hopefully, that will change.

Again, thank you for your vote and for your participation in cutting Washington spending through this YouCut initiative.


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