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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position


I am working in Congress to ensure that nothing stands between you and your doctor.

There is no doubt we have a health care crisis on our hands. We can either empower individuals or hand those decisions over to government bureaucrats and politicians. I am confident we can fix our health care problems by weeding out waste, fraud, and abuse to bring down costs while still offering affordable health care. It is my priority to ensure your health cares remains in your hands, not the government's.

Meeting the health needs of this nation is a priority for the Administration and for all of us in Congress. However, there are stark differences. President Obama and many in Congress are fighting for a one-size-fits-all, government takeover that takes away the vital health choices all Americans value and cherish. Imagine a United States in which bureaucrats can deny you a procedure or where citizens must waits months for a routine checkup or screening that could save a life.

I believe that nothing should come between the patient-doctor relationship -- not distant government bureaucrats or politicians in Washington. When your child needs medicine, it should be made available. When an x-ray is needed or a prescription needs filled, Kansans cannot afford to wait weeks or months, which is common in countries like Canada and England. All Americans should be able to choose their coverage and get the health care they need, when they need it.

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