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Let's Hang on to our Freedoms

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. KAGEN. Mr. Speaker, I received a message from one of my constituents, one of my bosses, Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Roach, from northeast Wisconsin, which reads, in part: ``Do not waver on beginning to bring our troops out of Afghanistan, saving more of wasteful spending. Redirect all accrued military savings to veterans, to paying our troops and supporting their families.

``Sorry to say, but we may be ready to retreat to the comfort of our well-earned retirement if the President blinks or compromises.

``He promised, we delivered, now we expect him to act like Truman or Roosevelt.''

You see, in northeast Wisconsin we still believe that people are more important than corporate profits. We still believe that one single family on Main Street is more valuable than all of the corporations on Wall Street. We also believe that our freedoms will be ours for only as long as we can hang on to them.


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