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Blog: On NPR's Decision to Fire Juan Williams


Location: Unknown

NPR's decision to fire Juan Williams makes me wish I was a listener so I could quit in protest.

I am very disappointed in their decision and plan to write a letter asking them to reconsider. Anyone who knows Juan, and I've known him for many years, understands that he's one of the most talented people in journalism. He does a very good job of presenting his center-left political views.

From a personal point of view, Juan is one of the most decent people I've ever met. I don't believe his recent comments reflect prejudice against the Islamic religion or Muslims in general - it's just an observation shared by many during the times in which we live. We live in difficult times and Juan Williams is not the problem. The problem is radical Islam that needs to be confronted by moderate Muslims and everyone else in the world.

Juan Williams does not deserve to lose his job. He's a decent man. NPR has taken his comments out of context and anyone who knows Juan understands he's one of the most tolerant, decent people in all of broadcasting. I hope NPR changes their mind.

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