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Bachus Contests Constitutionality of Health Care Law

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Spencer Bachus (AL-6) today filed an amicus brief challenging the constitutionality of President Obama's government takeover of health care.

Bachus joined with 62 congressional colleagues in supporting a Suit brought against the new law's mandate that all individuals purchase health insurance. The requirement is considered a linchpin of the new law. The challenge by the State of Florida and its Attorney General Bill McCollum is being heard in a federal court in Pensacola.

"The health care bill was a vast overreach by the federal government and an abuse of the legislative process. Since the start, I have been concerned about how personal rights have been trampled, empowering the government at the expense of the individual. Aside from this legal challenge, it is my belief that the incoming Republican House majority should move rapidly to repeal the entire health care law and replace it with commonsense reforms that respect our Constitution," Bachus said.

Bachus threw his support early behind state attempts to strike down the law, and also argued forcefully on the House floor against provisions that allow taxpayer funding of abortions.

The amicus brief was formally entered today by the American Center for Law and Justice on behalf of Congressman Bachus and other supporters. Bachus and Attorney General McCollum served as colleagues on the House Judiciary Committee.

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