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Issue Position: Energy and Environment

Issue Position


America's need for energy and the effects on our environment are important issues that need addressing. Due to America's overwhelming energy needs, we are currently dependent on foreign oil to support our energy demands. However, we need to eliminate our addiction to foreign oil and find safe, secure, and domestic sources of energy. I have written and cosponsored a number of bills that seek to reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil and develop alternative fuel sources.

I believe we need to take a three prong approach when addressing the National demand of energy: innovation in research, conservation, and exploration, or I.C.E. First we need to invest in renewable resources and create incentives for companies to proceed with costly research and development. There are many potential energy sources- including wind, solar, biomass, and nuclear- that need to be developed further for mass production use.

While conducting research to find energy alternatives, America should invest in accessing domestic sources of energy. Today, America has the technology to retrieve sources of natural gas and oil in Alaska and off shore with minimal environmental effects.

Lastly, we all need to conserve energy when possible. By watching personal energy use, and making traditional energy more efficient, America can reduce its collective use and keep energy demand under control. In addition, we need to maintain longer incentives for manufactures, such as the car industry, to develop and produce more efficient products for commercial and personal applications. By doing so, America would reduce its carbon footprint and have a lesser impact on the environment, while still fulfilling its energy needs.

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