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Thank you for subscribing to my email update - a brief summary of some of the more notable events during the last few days. I hope you'll find this useful and informative. You can also follow my regular updates from Florida and Washington via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook .

Congratulations Senator-Elect Marco Rubio

I'm pleased to extend my sincerest congratulations to Senator-elect Marco Rubio. His values and principles will make him a great senator for our great state. Marco's commitment to helping the people of Florida will be a tremendous benefit to our state.

Border Protection in Arizona

I was honored to be invited by Senator John Kyl, along with Senator John Barroso, to visit the border of Arizona and Mexico to see first hand the challenges of illegal immigration. We toured border entry points, met with border and custom control agents, local law enforcement and visited with ranchers whose property runs along the border. Illegal immigration threatens our national security, taps our limited pubic resources, and destabilizes our border communities. For one rancher I met, Phil Krenz, it lead to the murder of his brother earlier this year. At the same time, legal immigration is the fuel that has fired the great American success story and needs to be ensured.

The trip made clear that strong and aggressive border security can drastically cut down illegal migration. Well constructed fences, ample border agents working with the national guard, and strong penalties for illegal crossing including jail time and repatriation deep into Mexico have reduced illegal immigration in the Yuma district of Arizona by 95% in just a few years. This problem will continue growing until our borders and immigration system are fixed and I have encouraged my colleagues to undertake this matter sooner rather than later.

High Tech Education in Florida

High tech jobs are on the rise and as a result the need for training and education in this sector has increased. I had the pleasure of visiting our state's only polytechnic campus, one of four new campuses in the University of South Florida system. Located in Lakeland, USF Polytechnic is at the heart of Florida's High Tech Corridor. USFP students pursue degrees and certificates in over 20 degree and certificate programs, including applied science, industrial engineering, and information technology.

During my visit, I toured the campus, met with the university's CEO and Vice President Marshall Goodman and a number of faculty members. I believe this is the future of Florida. This university is working to create a knowledge based economy, providing students with the skills necessary to succeed within the high tech arena. Florida not only needs to continue to attract high tech companies to our state, but we also have to ensure that we are prepared to work for these companies.

Governor-elect Rick Scott's Transition Team

I would like to congratulate Governor-Elect Rick Scott and Lt. Governor-elect Jennifer Carroll on their statewide victory and am honored to have been chosen to serve on the governor-elect's transition team. With their experience and commitment to Florida's families, the Scott/Carroll team will be a great asset working for the people of Florida, and working to improve our economy.

Improving Florida's Climate for Small Business

Innovation, commitment, and drive are all elements that can help companies succeed. But the fact of the matter is many small businesses need access to capital to grow their business and implement their plans. During a visit in Miami, I visited Pavilion Furniture, which specializes in designing and building high end patio and pool furniture.

During the difficult economic downturn, Pavilion unfortunately had to lay off some of its employees. This is why the new small business lending law is so important. The law will help free up capital for community banks to loan to small businesses, like this one. With more capital companies will be more flexible in weathering the economic downturn, have the ability to keep and create more jobs.

Finding Job and Business Opportunities

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, our office provides information about job fairs, employment assistance, and business growth opportunities.

Job seekers can learn more about job fairs, workforce training, and entrepreneurial opportunities on our Job Fairs homepage. Through these events, more than 2,000 Floridians have found work.

Upcoming Events: Suncoast Veterans Expo, Sarasota, FL - Friday, November 19 , 2010

Casework Corner

A Floridian was having trouble getting her disability payment issued. After submitting all of the paperwork and not hearing back from the Social Security Administration, the constituent contacted our office for assistance. One of our caseworkers contacted the SSA and learned that the constituent's paper file was lost in transit. After working with the SSA Field Office and Payment Center, our office was able to get her disability back payment and monthly benefits issued. Contact Our Office If you have a question involving a federal agency, please contact our Orlando Regional Office by calling (407) 254-2573 to speak with a member of the Casework Department. The toll-free number for Florida residents is (866) 630-7106. To find out more about how my office can help you, go to my website at or stop by one of our scheduled Community Office Hours in your area. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your United States Senator and I look forward to hearing from you. If you want to share this newsletter with a friend, sign them up today at

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