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Issue Position: Economy and Jobs

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With rising unemployment, people are rightfully asking the question: where are the jobs? California's unemployment rate continues to be well over 12 percent, and nationally unemployment is hovering around 9.9 percent.

Congressional Democrats and the Administration continue to insist that we can spend our way out of this recession and create jobs, but the numbers just don't add up. Over a year ago, the so-called "stimulus' bill was passed with the promise that it would create jobs and keep unemployment below eight percent. I opposed the so-called "stimulus' bill because I'm against borrowing more foreign dollars and putting greater debt on our children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, the $862 billion "stimulus' bill has expanded the government, seriously added to our national debt and has failed to keep unemployment down, especially in the private sector.

Small business and entrepreneurship have been the backbone of our economy and the engine of job creation in America. Rather than spending money we don't have for government programs, a job-killing government-run health care system, and a national energy tax, it's time for policies that empower small businesses, restore consumer confidence, and create private-sector jobs.

As someone who has run a small business, I know the challenges businesses face, especially in a tough economy. Just as a business must balance its books and watch the bottom line, our government must return to policies of fiscal discipline. We must also lower the tax burden for working families, small businesses, and family farms and reject job-killing climate change and government-run health mandates.

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