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Issue Position: Defense and National Security

Issue Position

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As the Republican Leader of the House Armed Services Committee, I understand how important a robust national defense is to the long term success of our country. Our Constitution makes clear that the major duty of the federal government is to provide for common defense, and I intend to ensure that Congress plays its part in protecting the American people.

I challenge the notion that America is in inevitable decline, and I believe we need to place a renewed emphasis on American exceptionalism if we are to continue our leadership role in the world.

In order to lead a strong America forward, our national security policy should focus on these five crucial areas: winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, improving our security at home, increasing investment in defense, continuing support for our international partners and allies, and enacting national security policies that maintain America's global supremacy.

I am committed to providing the President and our military with all the resources needed to win both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to protect our nation's homeland from terrorism and other violent threats. Our allies have been integral in achieving success in Iraq and making gains in Afghanistan. We should continue to build on these partnerships and forge new relationships with potential allies that can help advance America's global interests.

I am extremely proud of the brave men and women who are valiantly fighting to defend our way of life overseas and domestically, and I am committed to providing for America's warfighters and their families. From the equipment needed to win our battles, to healthcare and housing; our service members deserve the best resources available to get their job done.

Finally, we must hold fast to all aspects of our defense policy that maintain America's global supremacy and promote new ways to strengthen that position. Whether it is ensuring our capabilities for strategic missile defense, which provides assurance to Allies and deterrence to adversaries, or making the necessary investments in defending against cyber attacks; we must be able to look towards the future and see likely security challenges that we will face and meet them head on.

I am confident that we can lead a strong America into the future if we focus on these areas and remain committed to robust national security policies.

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