Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

By:  Andrew Patrick
Date: Jan. 1, 2013
Location: Unknown

I've seen first-hand how our system is failing our children. While well intentioned, No Child Left Behind has not delivered on its promises. We must give South Carolinian parents, not the federal government, the final say as to how their children are educated and allow parents to choose the school - or home school - that best meets their children's needs.

No one is well served when federal bureaucrats try to impose top-down controls on our schools. Teachers end up hamstrung, parents are shut out of the decision-making process, and students end up as collateral damage. In addition, we must reduce the power of the teachers' unions and give it back to the local principals and school boards who have the best tools available to better our children's futures.

Educators and parents know better than politicians and bureaucrats in Washington how to best educate our children. The key to a better education system in our country is removing the federal government from our public schools and allowing parents to have ownership of their children's futures.

Clearly, the education policies of the last few decades of just throwing money at the problem have not been effective. If we allow our nation to fall behind academically, we will never succeed economically.

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