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Issue Position: Health Care

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No matter what you hear on a television commercial, during a prime time press conference, or in the newspaper, there is no magic plan that will allow the Federal government to solve all the problems with our health care system. Not even the President himself has been able to come up with one plan that he can support. In fact, he hasn't sent one comprehensive health plan to Congress for consideration. Maybe formulating one easy to understand plan is too great a burden for the President and Congressional Democrats to tackle; but fortunately, it's one that is not too great for the American people to conquer. That is why I am a proud co-sponsor of a Republican alternative health care bill championed by my fellow Georgia colleague Representative Tom Price: H.R. 3400, the "Empower Patients First Act."

H.R. 3400 would dramatically reform our current health care system, but instead of creating new government boards and expanding the Federal red-tape that is already a barrier for so many Americans, this bill would return power back to individual Americans. Click here to find out exactly what H.R. 3400 does and how it will help your family. [click on this link to view a short summary for HR 3400]

Unfortunately, the House Democrats' health plan will take power away from individuals and place it in the hands of various government agencies and bureaucrats. We've already had the Wall Street Bailout, the Detroit Auto Bailout, a failed Economic Stimulus, and now this House Democrat health plan that should really be called the Federal Bureaucrat Stimulus. The American taxpayer simply can't afford to take any more "help" from the government.

With a $1 trillion price tag, the House Democrats' bill will put more bureaucrats to work telling you and me what to do and how to do it. It would allow a bureaucrat appointed by President Obama to decide if the government will pay for abortions. Bureaucrats will mandate what type of health coverage is "acceptable;" and that may not be what you have right now. Low-cost High Deductable Health Plans are likely to be deemed unacceptable coverage. Tax preferred accounts like Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Health Reimbursement Accounts, which serve approximately 10 million Americans, could be eliminated. It taxes small businesses no matter what they do: if they don't provide insurance, if they do provide insurance but an employee refuses to accept the insurance, and if they provide insurance that isn't deemed "acceptable coverage" by government bureaucrats. It even taxes people making as little as $10,000 per year if they don't buy government-approved health insurance -- in direct defiance of President Obama's pledge not to tax Americans making less than $250,000 per year.

We need health care reform, but we need individual tax-paying Americans to control that reform. The government has managed Medicare into near bankruptcy, with the Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance Trust Fund expected to be insolvent by 2017. Medicaid is so fraught with waste, fraud, and abuse that in 2008 the State of New York alone found that $551 million were fraudulently paid to individuals in its Medicaid program. Imagine how much money was wasted across all fifty states thanks to bloated bureaucracies.

Thanks to the "Empower Patients First Act" and other Republican proposals in the House and Senate, we can reform the system and help American taxpayers without costing over $1 trillion, without providing Federally-paid health coverage for illegal immigrants, without giving Federal bureaucrats the power to decide what treatments you can and can't have, without taking away your freedom to have whatever health plan is best for you and your family.

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