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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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Is our system of health care in need of reform? Absolutely! Unfortunately, those in control of our Federal government see this need as an opportunity to gain control and power. Raising taxes, delaying benefits and crushing the free market are not solutions to our problems. Creating transparency in cost of premiums and allowing the purchase of insurance from other states are free market reforms that would create a better system of delivery and accountability. In addition, quality naturally becomes a focus when the market is allowed to work. New devices and medicines are created out of the needs of the patients as recognized by the free market. They are not created out of the research laboratories of the federal government. We also must eliminate the denial of claims or non-coverage due to pre-existing conditions. This can be done. For the past seven years, I have run a competitive insurance company that allows these claims and covers pre-existing conditions. Access to health care is not the problem; paying for it is. We can take further stress off of families with these and other reforms.

Finally, health care is between a patient and their doctor. Let's eliminate the third party interference by insurance companies and government in treatment decisions. Let the patient and doctor decide what is best.

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