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Issue Position: Government Restructuring

Issue Position

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We need to create an environment that will spark and sustain economic growth in South Carolina. To accomplish this task, we must cut taxes on working families and business. This cannot occur, because we are running state government with excessive waste and inefficiencies.

Government restructuring is the answer to this problem. We must streamline state government and eliminate duplication to achieve our goals.

South Carolina's government is one of the most inefficient and politically based governments in the nation. South Carolina's Governor has little power because most of it is delegated to the General Assembly. As a result, state agencies have little accountability. One of the most disturbing consequences of this structure is that these agencies may alter their directions and operations as the political winds shift. We must operate government like a business.

We have to demand accountability by moving more state operations under the Governor's purview. It begins by completely restructuring the State Budget & Control Board.

We further have to restructure the constitutional officers so they are held more accountable. For example, look at education. Our educational system possesses numerous deficiencies. Instead of being accountable to the executive branch of government, our Superintendent of Education is elected separately. Not only is the current Superintendent a member of a different political party than the Governor, he promotes a significantly different approach on improving our current education system. This proves a difficult situation in how can we reform our educational system when the Governor and Superintendent of Education hold such divergent views.

In addition to restructuring the Superintendent of Education, I also support restructuring the Lieutenant Governor's Office, Secretary of State, Comptroller General, Treasurer and Adjutant General.

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