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Issue Position: Tort Reform

Issue Position

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Our current system encourages the excessive filing of law suits. The United States is the only country in the world where the losing side of a civil suit does not pay for the court costs and attorney fees of the winning side. The United States has 17 times per capita the number of practicing attorneys of the country which is in second place.

The costs embedded in our goods and services as a result of this burdensome Tort System are as uncontrolled as our tax system. One automotive company with a plant in Europe and one in the United States make an identical transmission linkage. It pays $2,500 per year to protect its European facility from the risk of automotive recall and over $250,000 for the same coverage for the same part in the United States. The sole difference is a civil court system which encourages the filing of frivolous law suits with no penalties to the losers.
The hidden legal cost in the provision of healthcare is not simply the cost of malpractice coverage. Emergency rooms, hospitals, and doctors perform high numbers of expensive tests and much paperwork to satisfy our lawyers rather than improve our health.

Having a legislator who has no vested interest in maintaining this burdensome, expensive, and hidden system would benefit us all.

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