Issue Position: Linking Education and Economic Development

Issue Position

By:  Mike Forrester
Date: March 9, 2008
Location: Unknown

As Chairman of the State Board of Education and a leader in numerous economic development organizations, I understand how education is the key to job creation in our state.

Most people find this hard to believe, but Spartanburg County ranks 16th in the State in per capita income at $26,656. Our educational attainment level of the population over 25 years of age is as follows: 7.5% or 11,472 have less than a 9th grade education, 14.4% or 22,793 have between a 9th and 12th grade education, 31% or 54,803 have a high school degree, 20% or 34,791 have some college, 7% or 12,456 have an associate degree, 15% or 26,003 have a bachelor's degree and 8% or 14,275 have a graduate or higher degree.

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