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Issue Position: Immigration Reform

Issue Position

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The Federal government has continually failed to provide solutions for the illegal immigration crisis our nation faces. Unfortunately, that means that states like ours have to take steps to solve this crisis in a way that protects our economy and our culture, but preserves our compassion. While recognizing we are a nation of immigrants, in the end, "illegal" means "illegal", and if we are to remain a nation of laws, we must protect the rule of law by enforcing the law.
The most effective approach that is before our state's General Assembly would mandate the use of the English language on all state forms. English is the common bond that holds our nation together. We are a people of immigrants from all over the globe, but once we come to America, the English language serves to help unite us as one nation, and allows assimilation into American culture.
Another effective reform I will work for is to bar illegal immigrants from receiving state benefits, employment or contract work. We must remove the incentives for illegal immigrants to come here in the first place. With Georgia and other neighboring states passing or considering similar bills, South Carolina will have to act on this crisis, or risk becoming an illegal immigrant magnet.

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