Issue Position: Checks and Balances

Issue Position

By:  Joshua Putnam
Location: Unknown

Return our Constitutional Checks and Balances

You don't need me to tell you that the federal government is out of control. The budget deficit is at a record high, and the national debt is perilously rising every day. At every turn, the federal government seeks to infringe on the day-to-day lives of regular Americans like you and me. May it be health care takeovers, job-killing cap-and-trade regulations, or new taxes, the federal government has assumed too much power and is striving for more.

Because of the aggressive nature of the federal government, I believe South Carolina should be a leader among the 50 States in using the power of the 10th Amendment to curtail the harmful consequences of federal policies. The best government is self-government, not government from Washington D.C. As a State House Representative, I won't forget that the people know best what works for them, and that government is by the people and for the people.

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

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