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Issue Position: State Rights

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Potentially one of our greatest threats today and in the future comes from Washington DC. We have seen how easy it is for them to take over the market system with corporate bailouts and with unprecedented regulations of the business sectors. The recently passed healthcare, aka "Obamacare" threatens our state's sovereignty along with making South Carolina less competitive in business domestically and internationally. Whenever, any Government can pass legislation which forces a people or a state to buy or loss their rights is a dangerous path and its people should rise up and take a stand to fight for their freedom. We can clearly see how the new healthcare and talk about cap and trade legislation will completely destroy any competitive advantage the South has to offer.

One of the main selling points of the South region in business is our respectably low taxes and less government regulating powers which allows businesses to have more freedom and larger profit making ability which directly correlates to new and stable job creations. These two pieces of legislation will most definitely take away all tax and regulating incentives the South has to offer to the business sector and force us to behave and look like the northern states and others, such as California. If we do not stand up to the Fed now on these issues and future ones then our sovereignty and freedoms hang in ever growing peril. We must draft new state legislation that will help block the federal control and put pressure on the Washington DC to STOP.

The best way for the citizens to protect their sovereignty is by placing true leaders into power both nationally and locally, remembering no election is too small or large, from voting on a President to local county council races, they all impact our everyday lives. It's just not enough to elect men and women based on their platform but on their actions. If their record shows them to be liars, then WE must vote them out of public office and replace them with new, fresh leadership that has not been corrupted by the power. It's time for Real Leadership, which will take a stand on every issue and bring sensible solutions to our problems. One of the quotes I love the best is "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing" so I challenge you today, what will you do?

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