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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

All health care decisions should be made by individuals for themselves and not by state or federal governments. I will support removing all mandates by the government regarding the purchase of insurance or coverage requirements. I will support opening the purchase of insurance across state lines, to better enable individuals to find plans that meet their financial and health needs.

Wyoming has a severe shortage of several physician specialties including obstetricians. Because Wyoming is a mostly rural state, many patients must travel long distances to reach a quality hospital. For these reasons, I support legalizing midwives which could travel to patients that are far from a hospital and could take some of the burden off of the obstetricians. Ideally, most of the midwives would work in concert with one or more obstetricians, handling most checkups and deliveries of low risk individuals allowing the obstetricians more time to care for individuals with complications. This would improve care, increase choices, and reduce costs.

Doctors in Wyoming have few choices in malpractice insurance. Many doctors are stopping practicing due to the high cost of insurance reducing our already limited access to doctors, especially specialists. I would also work to pass tort reform, to reduce the cost of malpractice insurance for our doctors. This would also reduce the cost of healthcare and increase our access to doctors.

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