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Here is a more detailed explanation of what I will fight for, as well as a more detailed platform outlining my views on most subjects that I feel are relevant:

1. Reduce federal government control of the citizens of Wyoming.

Of the many infringements of the inalienable rights of citizens by the federal government, the most egregious is the infringement of the right of citizens to self defense. The enforcement of the many federal laws and regulations limiting the ownership and use of firearms must be stopped. To accomplish this, I am for the adoption of state laws that nullify federal dominion over firearms.

Other federal laws that encroach on the rights of citizens must also be nullified by state statute. The protections of individual rights guaranteed in the US Constitution have been ignored for too long. I support actions to nullify federal laws in all areas not specifically given to the federal government by the US Constitution and to restore our individual liberties.

2. Reduce federal government control over Wyoming state and local governments.

Through the adoption of binding laws by the Wyoming legislature and by changes to the Wyoming Constitution, I support the restoration of sovereignty of the State of Wyoming over those domains that are rightfully reserved to the states by the 9th and 10th amendments to the US Constitution.

3. Reduce Federal government control of land, water, and wildlife in Wyoming

I support adoption of laws that limit the federal government's control of the land, water, and wildlife in Wyoming. The people of Wyoming know much more about how we should use/control our land, water, and wildlife. People in other parts of the country do not understand the implications of the laws controlling our resources.

Wyoming should have the right to control mineral rights and their extraction as long as they do not limit the rights of land owners. The federal government has no constitutional authority to set laws limiting Wyoming's use of Wyoming's resources.

Water is probably the most important resources Wyoming has. Now the federal government and federal agencies such as the EPA are trying to control how we use our water. If we can't control our own water, we will have problems with not having the water we need for public consumption and use for farming and ranching.

The Endangered Species Act and other legislation is limiting our ability to use our land and to reasonably control various animal species in our state. The state of Wyoming should have the sole responsibility of maintaining species in Wyoming.

4. Reduce Wyoming state government spending.

I support adoption of laws that significantly reduce state expenditures by reducing or abolishing many of the services provided by the state government.

Wyoming has the second highest per capita state expenditures of all of the states. Unlike many states, Wyoming state government is not going bankrupt, but only because of the extraordinary amounts of money paid to the state government in royalties for oil, gas and mineral extraction. If a significant carbon tax is implemented by the federal government, these royalties will be dramatically reduced. State legislators must cut spending and set aside money for this potential disaster to state government finances.

5. Reduce state government control of the citizens of Wyoming.

There are many ways in which the state of Wyoming asserts control over its citizens. The right to carry a concealed weapon is licensed by the state. I support adoption of a Vermont-style concealed carry law which allows non-felons to carry concealed weapons without a license. In addition to gun control, many professions require a license by the state. Many of these have nothing to do with health or safety of citizens. The primary impact of these licensing regulations is simply to protect those with a license from competition, thus driving up prices for the consumers. In cases where health or safety is not at issue, I support abolishing many regulations regarding professional licensing by the state.

6. Pass legislation that challenges federal laws that infringe on the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution of the United States of America.

This probably fits under the banner of reducing federal control over our state and citizens, but I want to make my goals abundantly clear. I support the adoption of legislation that would nullify the authority of the federal government in the areas the Constitution of the United States gives it no authority. Such legislative actions would nullify the authority of the federal government in many areas, from welfare mandates, to education, to land use to management of wildlife. One specific area the federal government is now trying to take control of is health care. The Constitution has nothing in it giving the federal government the authority to control health care or to force citizens to be required to purchase health insurance. If national health care is passed I support legislation to directly challenge the federal government's authority and to exempt Wyoming from any provisions in the new law.

I support adoption of legislation that mandates the executive branch of Wyoming state government to ignore, defy and nullify unconstitutional federal authority, and specifically rejects non-binding legislation such as that which was proposed by Gov. Freudenthal in 2009.

7. Provide support for educational freedom for the citizens of Wyoming.

The federal government has absolutely no jurisdiction concerning the education of our children. And like everything else the federal government takes control of, Public (that is, government-run) schools are notoriously expensive, and the results are generally poor. The government-run schools in Wyoming are no exception. The solution is not more of the same: more money, more teachers, and new buildings. Rather the solution is to allow parents in Wyoming to make their own choices, whether that be home-schooling, private schools, religious schools, charter schools or other alternatives. I support adoption of laws that give tax money directly to parents in the form of vouchers, instead of to local school boards and public higher education boards, so that parents may decide what is best for their child. Good schools will excel, but bad schools will either change/improve or fail.

8. Promote property rights for the citizens of Wyoming.

Although abuse of eminent domain laws has not been a widespread problem in Wyoming, I support adoption of state laws that protect property owners from having their property taken by government for private purposes. I support repeal of state laws allowing property to be confiscated from owners without due process in court.

9. Help Wyoming promote a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Spending and debt have gotten out of control. The federal government is mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren. This must be stopped. The Constitution of the United States needs to have a balanced budget amendment to force the federal government to stop this reckless spending. I support and call for the state of Wyoming to lead the charge in getting a balanced budget amendment proposed and ratified by 3/4th of the states.

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