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Issue Position: Foreign Affairs

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Under the leadership of a new President, America has begun to restore our proud tradition of engaged, sustained, and competent global leadership.

The climb back to global leadership is a steep one, and we continue to face challenges in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, to name the most severe.

President Obama has put forth a responsible plan to bring an end to the war in Iraq, returning our heroic soldiers to their families and to the gratitude of their country. We must refocus America's military resources on defeating al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and be clear in our mission there. That mission must have at its center the development of a viable economy and the hopes and the stakeholders that will follow.

We must stand in solidarity with the state of Israel as it faces some of the most severe threats in decades. Among other things, this means doing all that we can to reverse Iran's work to develop nuclear weaponry, fighting Islamic extremism in the region, and engaging once again on the difficult problem of finding a fair and stable peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The world has a vital stake in achieving a two-state solution, where Israel is fully recognized by all of its neighbors and the Israeli people live free of the threat of military or terrorist attack.

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