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Issue Position: Climate Change

Issue Position


I voted against the Cap and Trade bill last year because it would harm the economy and punish working families, seniors and small businesses with higher energy costs.

With unemployment at its highest level in 35 years in Florida, the last thing Congress should do is jeopardize jobs or impede a swift recovery. Yet that is exactly what the U.S. House did in passing legislation last year aimed at combating global warming.

While global warming is a genuine problem that deserves a serious response, we need to address the issue in a balanced and thoughtful manner that does not further weaken our economy by increasing costs on small businesses, hard-working families and seniors living on fixed incomes.

That's why I supported the responsible, bipartisan Warner-Lieberman bill which would have prevented the worst effects of global warming by steadily reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions in a cost-effective manner.

But the partisan legislation recently rushed to the House floor for a vote contained several provisions that would jeopardize jobs and significantly increase energy costs on families and employers. And, as pointed out by President Obama, it would impose punitive tariffs on countries that fail to comply, thereby creating a trade war in the middle of a global recession.

As the debate moves to the Senate, I am hopeful for a bipartisan effort to draft a workable bill to reduce harmful emissions to slow global warming without further weakening a slow economy.

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