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Issue Position: Energy

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The ups and downs of energy prices over the past year have reminded us all that our nation is in desperate need of a comprehensive energy policy. Establishing our energy independence is Congressman Rooney's top priority for any national energy policy. This is necessary for both our national and economic security. We currently send hundreds of millions of dollars over seas every year to buy oil when we should be producing our own energy here at home. There is no silver bullet solution; it will take a combination of both traditional energy sources and new alternative products. The federal government should be a conduit to growth and development not an inhibitor to progress.

Congressman Rooney supports an "all of the above" policy that incentivizes growth and development while moving us towards our energy independence. The Congressman supports alternative energy tax credits for solar, wind and hydrogen projects and further nuclear power development to help reduce our dependence on traditional forms of energy. Rooney also supports expanding domestic oil and gas production in order to stop relying on foreign countries and sending American jobs and dollars overseas. South Florida stands to gain greatly under such a policy of incentivizing new technologies and producing our own energy.

This spring the majority offered their "Cap-and-Trade" bill. This bill does nothing to help us obtain our energy independence yet promises to slow economic growth, penalize employers, reduce job opportunities and ultimately increase taxes and costs for American families. Rooney supported an alternative plan to the "Cap-and-Trade" bill that would incentivize development and investment into new clean alternatives. As a modern day "Manhattan Project" the plan would provide grants and cash rewards for innovation and set an aggressive goal of the U.S. reaching 100% energy independence within 20 years. Investment in clean energy from these renewable sources is important for both our economy and our environment.

Tom firmly believes, we have a responsibility to our children to take control of our energy future and work for real solutions. We can do this by expanding our domestic production of oil and natural gas while developing new alternative sources of energy and promoting greater efficiencies in consumption. Penalizing industry and consumers will not help us in obtaining this goal, and the American family deserves a better plan.

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