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Cantor Discusses House Republican Win


Location: Unknown

On The Rejection Of The Obama/Pelosi Agenda:

"It's clear, the American people have had it with Washington. Last night's vote was a vote to say you know what, Washington better start listening to the people again. The people in this country whether they're Republican, Democrat, or Independent, they want to see some results. The fact is over the last 20 months, there's been an agenda that has produced nothing but more spending, more debt and no jobs. (FNC's Fox and Friends)

"Last night's results are indicative of the fact that people in this country are outright rejecting the agenda of the Obama Administration. It isn't necessarily a vote of confidence for Republican leadership. So we've got a job to do. We've been given a second chance and a golden opportunity to prove that we, as Republicans, are committed to a constitutionally limited government." (CBS' The Early Show)

"Republicans, over the last 20 months, have been proffering alternatives if we didn't agree with the Administration's prescriptions. It started back with the stimulus bill. It involved their posit of an energy bill. We had an alternative, and then we continued trying to say, Mr. President, focus where the people are, on delivering results in terms of job creation. The administration went astray to issues frankly the public had no desire to see Washington involving itself in. So now is the time for this president's team to reassess." (CNBC's Squawk Box)

On Growing The Economy:

"Priority one has got to be focused on job growth and getting this economy going again, and frankly to reorient America back to a constitutionally limited government in a way that we can yield opportunity for all and actually allow folks to begin earning success again." (FNC's Fox and Friends)

"People want to see results and they understand sustainable job growth comes from the private sector, from small businesses. They also are seeing that this government has grown too big and they want to see Washington go on a diet just like they have." (CBS' The Early Show)

On Cutting Spending:

"Republicans in the House have come out with a proposal to reduce the discretionary spending levels across the board to 2008 levels. If we're able to do that, that will save the taxpayers $100 billion in the first year alone, and approximately a trillion dollars over the ten-year budget window. That's a start. We're experiencing a $1.2 trillion in deficit this year alone. So we have a long way to go." (CNN's American Morning)

"I think what you'll see out of a Republican led House is a regular diet, every week, of bringing bills to the floor that actually begin to cut the federal deficit." (CBS' The Early Show)

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