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Issue Position: Taxes

Issue Position


I have always worked hard in Congress to rid Americans of the burden of high taxes so that families can keep more of the money they have worked so hard to earn. This includes working for legislation to lower the income tax rate, eliminate the death tax and put an end to the marriage penalty tax.

Additionally, I have supported legislation to encourage investments, saving, and education through tax incentives, including special tax credits to create jobs, stimulate investment and help families in low income neighborhoods. A major priority has also been protecting the rights of taxpayers, including eliminating tax collection abuses and prohibiting the bias against savings and investment in the tax code.

Among the legislation I have co-sponsored this year to reform taxes is:

* H.R. 16 would make permanent the federal income tax deduction for state and local general sales taxes. This benefits taxpayers in states like Florida that do not impose a state income tax and rely primarily on the sales tax.

* H.R. 100 which would provide a credit for the state and local sales taxes paid on the purchase of an automobile.

* H.R. 106 would allow individuals a refundable credit for higher education expenses.

* H.R. 205 and H.R. 1960 would permanently eliminate the onerous federal tax on inheritances and family owned businesses, better known as the "death tax".

* H.Res. 244 protects the charitable contribution income tax deduction from proposals to reduce or eliminate this valuable tax incentive which benefits many worthwhile causes.

* H.R. 308 provides a tax credit for hurricane and tornado mitigation expenditures.

* H.R. 385 would provide tax incentives to consumers and lenders for the purchase of a passenger vehicle during 2009.

* H.R. 836, the Brewers Excise and Economic Relief Act, which reduces the high $18 per-barrel tax on beer to $9 ( the pre-1991 level) and further reduces it for small breweries.

The National Federation of Independent Business, the largest small business organization in the country, has consistently recognized my pro-taxpayer and small business voting record with its "Guardian of Small Business" award. Families should be allowed to keep more of what they earn without it being taxed away by the government. The tax burden on American families is too high, and I will continue to support efforts in Washington that reduce that burden.

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