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Issue Position: Seniors and Social Security

Issue Position


I have worked to strengthen and ensure the sustainability of both Medicare and Medicaid. My support for legislative initiatives designed to make Medicare programs more effective and financially solvent has continued in the 111th Congress. Medicare and Medicare are part of our nation's commitment to our elderly and vulnerable. Our seniors deserve a Medicare system that is fiscally sound. No senior should have to worry about their healthcare after a lifetime of hard work. I have been a strong voice in making sure our seniors don't fall through the cracks and have their benefits lowered due to a complicated and fiscally irresponsible healthcare reform plan.

* I voted for the Medicare Premium Fairness Act. It makes Medicare Part B premiums more affordable for our elderly by ensuring that the premiums charged in 2010 are the same as those charged in 2009.

* I cosponsored the Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act, which would repeal the outpatient therapy cap.

* I cosponsored H.R. 1459, which would amend the Deficit Reduction Act and increase those who are covered as Medicare beneficiaries.

* I cosponsored the Protecting the Medicaid Safety Net Act, which would increases benefits to beneficiaries, especially veterans and the victims of Hurricane Katrina.


I have worked to strengthen and ensure the sustainability of Social Security. After a lifetime of hard work, seniors deserve their full benefits. Social Security is one of the foundations of our nation's commitment to those who have spent their lifetime working and we must make sure it is always available to those who need it.

* I have cosponsored the Social Security Fairness Act, which would help offset pension requirements that are hurting many program recipients.

* I have also cosponsored the Notch Fairness Act. It would correct an error to the standard-of-living increase formula used to compute payments. It would ensure those benefit recipients born between 1917 and 1921 are not given lower benefits than other retirees

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