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Issue Position: Government Spending

Issue Position


With unemployment reaching a record 11.5% in Florida for November 2009, it is time that we have a new approach to encourage economic growth without burdening future generations with more and more debt.

I opposed the stimulus bill which added nearly $1 trillion dollars to our national debt. I supported an alternative economic growth plan to the stimulus bill which would have provided immediate relief to middle-class taxpayers and small businesses: an average benefit of up to $1,200 for working families through the reduction of the lowest individual tax rates from 15% to 10% and from 10% to 5%, with a married couple who file jointly saving up to $3,200 a year in taxes.

More money was spent in the first month of this year's Congress than the combined spending of our government from 1789 to 1959.

Our national debt has now reached $12 trillion, which is greater than the sum of all federal government debt from the beginning of our nation in 1789 to today. The federal government now owes more in debt than the combined total net worth of ALL Americans. If we do not get our financial house in order, we could face total economic collapse.

We cannot leave our children and grandchildren a legacy of debt and economic disarray. The spending of your hard-earned tax dollars is out of control. In an effort to halt this out of control spending and debt, I voted AGAINST each of the following spending legislation:

* The $789 billion stimulus bill which stimulates more government programs through thousands of pork barrel spending projects without producing a significant number of real jobs for Americans.

* The $410 billion omnibus spending bill for fiscal year 2009 which increases spending eight per cent over 2008 while American families are sacrificing due to the recession.

* The 2010 budget resolution which will double the national debt in five years, and triple it in ten. It includes total 2010 federal spending of $3 trillion, more than a trillion dollars in tax increases, and deficits of nearly a trillion dollars for the next ten years.

* The House health care bill which will increase taxes by $730 billion and increase spending by $1 trillion over ten years.

* A $290 billion increase in the national debt which is simply a down payment on the nearly $2 trillion increase in the national debt that this Congress intends to bring up later in 2010.

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