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Pearce Wins KOAT/Albuquerque Journal Debate

Press Release

Location: Hobbs, NM

Offers Clear Policies To Fix Economy, Stop Government Growth

In the first televised debate between Steve Pearce and Congressman Harry Teague, Steve Pearce came away the clear winner. Pearce again showed that he is the only candidate that will commit to fiscal restraint, lower taxes, and job creation.

From the debate:

"Tax policies and regulatory policies determine our prosperity, and the current administration and Congress are conducting a war on prosperity through increased taxes and regulatory uncertainty."

"We must work to defund the healthcare bill, and the 120 agencies that stand between you and your doctor."

"Border Patrol agents are spending only 2 ½ hours per day on the border, and the rest of the time they spend on paperwork. It's time to get the bureaucracy off their backs."

Meanwhile, Congressman Teague offered no new ideas, and could not explain why he supported the Pelosi tax-and-spend agenda 90% of the time. He also could not identify even $50 billion worth of cuts in a budget of over $3 trillion dollars, nor could he explain how to fund New Mexico's education system if his cap-and-trade bill worked as planned, by killing New Mexico's oil and gas industry.

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