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KRQE Debate: Barela Draws Clear Contrast with Heinrich's Record of Failed Policies, Wins Third and Final Debate of 2010 Campaign

Press Release

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Shock Heinrich Claim: Heinrich Inexplicably Claims He's in Favor of Cutting the Government He Voted to Expand

Tonight, Jon Barela, a local small businessman and long-time community leader, squared off in a debate with incumbent Congressman Martin Heinrich, where Barela summed up the frustration that New Mexico workers and small business owners are facing with regard to the economy: "The policies that have been pursued in Washington have been job-killing; they've created unpredictability and uncertainty."

Throughout the debate, Barela contrasted his vision for the future with Heinrich's failed policies of the past two years. "Mr. Heinrich and his leadership refused to pass a budget -- the most fundamental legislative duty," remarked Barela -- pointing to the dysfunction and fiscal irresponsibility in Washington. "In my opinion, we don't have a revenue problem in D.C. We have a spending problem."

In what was the most shocking moment of the evening's debate, Martin Heinrich had the audacity to state, "I think we're going to have to cut government back," when asked about his views on the recent bloating of the federal government. Barela was stunned, given that Heinrich has voted to increase the national deficit by trillions of dollars and supported massive domestic spending programs -- such as the $800 billion stimulus package and the government takeover of healthcare. "Cut government back…really?," Barela charged. "I really can't believe you have the courage to stand here and say that you're for cutting the government back." Throughout the campaign, Barela has lamented Heinrich's down-the-line support for a wasteful and costly agenda that has increased the federal debt to over $13 trillion.

Barela's views on the growth of government have been consistent, honest, and clear. "I believe that government has grown too big, too fast, taking too much of your money, and jobs haven't been created," he asserted.

When Heinrich later said that he advocated "making things again" in America, Barela responded, "It's hard to make things again when you support a cap-and-trade bill that hurts manufacturers," a bill that would impose a national energy tax on American businesses. "It's no wonder we can't make things again," Barela said.

Barela, a native New Mexican, closed the debate by passionately sharing his life lessons and philosophy, taught by his father, who always called our country an "ownership and opportunity society." Throughout this campaign, Barela has asserted that the choice in this election is between a politician who supports a failed status quo that has left New Mexicans out of work, and a small businessman who believes that government should put people back in control of their lives and their futures in order to put the country back on track.

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