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Recent "Guardian of Small Business" Award Recipient Continues to Receive Recognition for Working to Spur Private Sector Job Growth

Press Release

Location: Marlton, NJ

The American Beverage Association honored today Representative Adler with the Job Saver Award in recognition of his fight to preserve jobs in New Jersey proposal would have threatened jobs and stymied job growth in an industry that provides hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs in communities across America. By opposing the tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, Representative Adler saved 70,781 direct and indirect jobs in New Jersey alone.

"We are proud to honor Representative Adler for his commitment to preserving the jobs of beverage industry employees in New Jersey," said Susan Neely, president & CEO of the American Beverage Association. "In today's difficult economic climate, we need to focus on policies that create jobs and support domestic industry. More taxes are not going to help American businesses protect or create needed jobs."

Hard-working families are holding their own in this tough economy, but they can't afford higher grocery prices. There could not be a worse time to ask middle-income families to pay any more in taxes - taxes that will only further squeeze families already struggling to make ends meet.

"The American Beverage Association thanks Representative Adler for opposing a discriminatory tax on our grocery carts," said Neely. "Rather than burdening our families and communities with a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, we must strive for sound public policy that will promote job growth."

Congressman Adler, a member of the House Financial Services Committee, has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal editorial page on four separate occasions for his bipartisan amendment to the financial regulatory reform bill that will "create jobs at no cost to the taxpayer." He was one of only a few Democrats to be named by National Federation of Independent Business as a "Guardian of Small Business." His red-flag exemption and leadership on keeping the capital gains and dividends tax rates coupled and low have earned him national attention for working to save and create American jobs.

"Every day, I'm working on helping our local economy," said Congressman John Adler. "I am keeping a laser-like focus on ways to help spur private sector job creation and economic growth. Every American deserves an opportunity to achieve the American Dream, and I will continue to work in a common-sense bipartisan way to put our economy back on track."

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